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Park Cleanup

Compassion and Generosity Project

Compassion Weekend

Encouraging every Adventist Church, University, Academy, and School in North America to make every second weekend of each month, a special time for intentional community outreach, attending to the needs of people in our neighborhoods. This is what Jesus did, as He walked this earth. These weekends will serve as reminders of our mission. Think about it, about 7,000 churches, companies, and mission groups, taking time every second Sabbath, after the church service, and also on each second Sunday to go out into the community to show the love of God and the compassion of Jesus in practical ways. Please, don’t be afraid to do good on the Sabbath, Jesus did and He said it was good


100 ideas for compassion

Guided by the Holy Spirit, you can meet the needs of those around you. Here's a list of ideas. Don't limit yourself to this one, as the Holy Spirit may inspire you to do something else. May your choice of activity be made in prayer and listening.

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